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Once the situation in Jammu and Kashmir was slightly better, our celebrations at our Centres began yet again! November being a month of festivities, it brought in a lot of joy to Serve Samman and its family!

Celebrating Children’s Day with our Kids at the Educational Centre - Children’s Day had been a special day for all of us when we were kids, and it remains to be so for most kids today. While most kids today celebrate this day by going to malls, amusement parks, or to movies, a lot of underprivileged kids don’t even know what Children’s Day means and why is it celebrated. Hence, as one of our initiatives to bridge the gap between the society and kids from different strata, Serve Samman celebrated Children's Day at its office by giving the children a platform to showcase their talents like dance, music, singing etc. It was a pleasure to watch these kids come by, and showcase their beautiful talents which till that day we were unaware of. A proper function was organized wherein guests were invited to view these children’s talents. 50 out of 110 kids participated in this function, by either dancing, singing, acting, or mimicking. The response from these kids was overwhelming, and we felt honored and proud to mentor these kids. Towards the end, we gave each kid a bed sheet and a new school bag as a Children’s Day present.

Music Classes at Serve Samman Vocational Centre
– It is well said that, "Music is the language of the spirit, and where words leave, music begins.” Serve Samman is very proud to announce the opening of a ‘Music Room’ at Serve Samman Vocational Centre. To begin with, it will be starting a guitar certificate course which would be conducted by a famous guitar school!

More and more Kids Join Serve Samman Educational and Vocational Centre - The strength of students at Serve Samman’s educational and vocational centre rose from 80 to 180. From finding an apt location and identifying initial 30 kids with whom this centre started, to increasing the number of kids to 80, and then to 110, and eventually to 180 kids today, the entire journey has been a beautiful and rewarding experience for all of us.

From Classrooms to the Sports Fields - Cricket in India is more than just a sport! Even before children here learn how to read and write, they know which cricketer they would like to be when they grow up. Unfortunately, most kids even though love this sports, don’t get an opportunity to play it. In order to give the kids a break from their regular classes, on November 22, 2014, Serve Samman’s sponsors and volunteers played Cricket with about 30 kids from our Tuglakabad Centre. Though these kids played cricket in the park opposite their centre, the joy in their twinkling eyes was visible, and it felt like they were playing in a stadium! It was a heartwarming feeling to see the kids forget about all their worries and problems, and get totally involved in the game.

Serve Samman would specially like to thank its volunteers and sponsors who volunteered and invested their precious time to play cricket with these kids. While the kids no doubt had a lot of fun, so did our sponsors. Their experience was beautifully quoted by one of the sponsors who played there. He said, “I have been playing cricket since I was a child. I have played with my friends, school teams, inter school teams, etc., but never ever have I felt like such an achiever the way I felt today! These kids have awakened the hidden child in me.” Post the game, all our kids and sponsors sat together, and had Samosas and a Frooti each!

It’s Mc. Donald’s time! - At times you don’t need a reason to celebrate! In order to reward the kids for their hard work in the past few months, we decided to give all the kids a Mc. Donalds meal along with a sweater to welcome the winter season! Never ever had we seen kids enjoy a burger meal so very much! It was overwhelming to see the kids at our NGO, Serve Samman eat a MC'Donalds burger for the first time in their lives!

Opening of Make-up and Hair Styling Division at Tugalakabad Centre - Serve Samman opened up a make-up and hair styling unit at its centre in Tuglakabad. Like its other courses, these courses too will be certified courses, and will be open for women of all ages. Post the completion of the make-up and hair styling course, trainees will be ready to get a job and earn a living for themselves. 







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