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Mr. Sudershan Aggarwal
President of Rotary Blook Bank, Rtd. Former Governor, Uttarakhand & Sikkim, Rtd. Former Member, National Human Rights Commission
Lt. G en Jaswant Singh Ahluwalia

Governing Board

Dipak Khanna – Director and Managing Trustee

Dipak Khanna was born in J & K into an illustrious Industrialist family. His father was the District Magistrate in the state. Even though he hailed from a well to do background, His father wanted him to always remember the world outside his four walls and be greatful to God for the life he had. A few years ago he decided to quit a life of a Businessman. After quitting his Export business he took to the path of spirituality to look for inner peace.

With this mission in mind he started Serve Samman an NGO now focused on helping the weaker sections of society in many ways.

Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh is a mental health professional with a medical background focused on providing individual, group and corporate counseling with a strong focus on Hospital and Clinical care. She is Heading the Department of Holistic Medicine and Psychology in Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon.. Having achieved proficiency as corporate health care consultant, she has been associated with over 150 leading corporate houses of the country focusing on stress management and soft skills training.

Dr. Suversha Khanna, a paediatrician is the president of Dharamshila Cancer Foundation And Research Centre. She founded Dharamshila Hospital and Research Centre in 1994 and is actively involved in ensuring, countinous quality improvement of the hospital. Her journey from a paediatrician to a crusader started when her father was battling with Stage IV prostate cancer from 1981-1988. There was no Cancer hospital in Delhi at that time which could provide him and the family the solace. All they heard was nothing can be done. After his death, Dr. Khanna wanted to change the cancer scene in India and create facilities which were not available to her father
Dr. Shushil Chaudhary (President) I Care Hospital (Noida, UP)
The founder and Director of I Care Eye Hospital & Postgraduate Institute provides for those needy and elderly rural millions plus who move not least they stumble. His dream is to bring succor to those weak in sight and his achievements is a tribute to his unstinted, dedicated pursuit of uplifting the poor.
Mr. P.S. Khanna is a very successful Industrialist with a kind heart and ever ready to help the needy. He is highly dedicated to the poor and destitute and supports NGOs
Udayan Care, The Earth Saviors Foundation etc. He is always eager to help without considering any caste & creed.
Mrs. Shalini Khanna Industrialist and Property Consultant, She is highly dedicated for the poor and destitute. Always eager to help without Caste and Creed..

Mrs Bhawna Chainani ( Lawyer) She has successfully worked with multi nationals since the past 15 years and has been a keen investor towards the enhancement of the society by giving a part of her income towards the education of the underprivileged children.

Bhawna was actively involved in Co-ordinating the event for bringing together the privileged and under privileged children together for equality.

She strongly believes in women libralization and the need to do something with the increasing crime rate against women & children in the country.

Mrs. Kiran Modi Running Public Charitable Trust (Udayan Care) Delhi NCR Udayan Care a premier child rights organization. It nurtures children who are orphaned and abandoned, in the warmth of a family at 13 Udayan Ghars (Udyan care¸Project). In 19 years it has inipeated the life many children, women and youth by ensuring higher education through Udayan Shalini.
Mr.Ravi Kalra runs an NGO by the name Earth Saviors Foundation in New Delhi and its Gurukul / Ashram houses about 125 Old, Abandoned, Mentally Challenged men and women. He did schooling from a local government school. Could not finish graduation initially but later on, did Masters Degree in International Instructor (Taekwondo) from South Korea, he also recipient of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Prestigious Award for Excellence in Humanitarian Services.





Our entire Governing Board is working tirelessly towards making a difference in the lives of many underprivileged individuals. Even though all of them have reached the peaks of their careers, and are near retirement/retired, they are working endlessly towards making the dream mission of Serve Samman a reality. Having realized their social responsibility and sharing a common vision all the members of our Governing Board work together as a team to create change in the society. Coming from a diverse range of professional backgrounds they all together as a team as well as individuals contribute in their own special ways towards the NGO’s vision, and act as mentors showing the guiding light to our team. Each member of the Governing Board has a special role to play in the NGO, and each one heads a different department at the NGO.