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I started working for Serve Sammaan a few months back with two of my friends. This experience has enriched my soul and has certainly helped me become a better person. I was amazed and awestruck when I realized how the organization is working at so many levels to give support and guidance to not just underprivileged children but also the old and destitute. Serve Samman embraces different aspects , ranging from eye care facility to providing vocational trainings. The work involves medical, psychological, social and legal assistance. For me it has been very inspiring to see the engagement and the spirit of social entrepreneurship that exist within the organization. I have felt a dedication to change structural oppression and to obtain redress for people that have experienced trauma and abuse.Another experience for me was the openness and willingness to let me take part in and learn from the daily work as much as possible. There was also a curiosity of my cultural understanding that led to many discussions and also some reflections about differences among societies.

Astha Bajaj
(Psychology student)


I have been working in an MNC for the past 8 years.  My hectic work schedule doesn’t leave me any time for my personal life. I decided to volunteer for Serve Samman because I wanted a change from my daily monotonous routines.  Never did I imagine, that working with Serve Samman would change me so drastically and have an impact on me, which 8 years of work experience could not. From my experience, I have come to realize that working with trauma confronts us with essence of human suffering, with ‘man’s inhumanity to man’ and makes us feel we have more than we need. I found an attitude towards showing emotions that rose from interactions with children, women and the old people. I found that the organization tried to bring up the issues about giving people opportunity to heal and find reconciliation. As I write, I realize that I will forever cherish the experiences and learning’s that I have had here and I will continue to financially support Serve Samman. Because of Serve Samman, there is a willingness in me to create a permanent change.
Kartik Goyal

(Manager , MNC)

I’m a mother of 2 and this year both my children shifted abroad for higher education. I started feeling lonely and depressed, as my husband is also usually traveling. It is here at Serve Samman that I discovered the joy of reaching out to someone; that sometimes mere presence is more effective than a thousand words. I got to interact and work with people from varied backgrounds. Another thing I really appreciate about this place is that my supervisors and colleagues have always been open to queries and doubts. They have been so patient and the success of their organization relies mostly on their hardwork. This work experience seems to have been completed quite fast, owing to the immense amount of learning here. Its time to take those learning’s with me, apply them wherever I can and start with new beginnings.
Mrs P Jain



Serve Samman always felt like a second home. I genuinely appreciate the support and expertise of the entire team in the organisation which gave me immense pleasure to work together. I will remain grateful for opportunities you and your team have provided me in my period of working here. May the organization grow and keep up the good work for years to come. I am sure time is not far when I see organization contributing from an international banner, a vision I truly share with other members of the Society.
Mr Ram Prakash Shukla