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Serve Samman is actively involved in providing relief assistance in the disaster hit areas such as Nepal Earthquake,Uttrakhand floods and jammu & Kashmir floods. We help disaster victims by providing safe shelter, hot meals, essential relief supplies, emotional support and health services like first aid. Trained Serve Samman workers often meet one-on-one with families to develop individual plans and identify available resources to help aid recovery.

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By god’s grace, our team was present in Uttarakhand for the opening of a New Vocational Centre when the recent disaster in 2013 took place in Uttarakhand. Having seen the disaster take place in front of our eyes, we put in all our resources to help the people of Uttrakhand. Immediately post the disaster we set up our relief camps, wherein we provided basic necessities to the victims who had lost their homes and loved ones. Trained Serve Samman workers met one-on-one with the families to develop individual plans and identify available resources to help aid recovery. Not only, did this provide them basic comfort but also gave them the psychological comfort which was more essential than anything else at that point. We reached out to the victims by providing safe shelter, food packets, basic utensils, clothes, essential relief supplies, emotional support and health services like first aid.

Through our relief camps we touched the lives of over 34377 people with having sent around 12 truckloads of relief material. Apart from helping the victims we also nursed the cattle in our camps who too were terribly affected by the disaster.

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Once again the floods hit Indian land taking away hundreds of lives and rendering thousands homeless!!!

According to the statistics, the level of *Jammu and Kashmir floods* is almost close to that of Uttarakhand, which if not taken care of now will be a disaster during winters!!

Each day hundreds of volunteers are trying their best to rescue the lives of millions of people effected by the floods in Jammu and Kashmir yet there is scarcity of basic material needed for survival!

We at Serve Samman are sending consignments with relief material every 5 days to Kashmir. Our team members have gone to Jammu and Kashmir, to rescue the flood victims and provide them with the basic necessities of life.

Our main Target areas include Poonch and Rajouri, small villages in Jammu and Kashmir, which though are badly affected, have very little help reaching them

Post the disastrous floods that hit Jammu & Kashmir, We at Serve Samman sent 2 truck loads full of relief material to Rajouri and Poonch, small villages in Jammu and Kashmir which were badly effected yet received no help from either the government or non- governmental organizations. We sent truck loads full of medicines, dry foods, tarpals, blankets, clothes, milk powder, drinking water, chlorine tablets, baby food, diapers and sanitary napkins. The founder of Serve Samman, Dipak Khanna went personally to the interiors of these villages to distribute the relief material.  





Apart from helping the flood victims with basic relief material, Serve Samman sent a team of doctors to Srinagar, who went and personally gave the relevant medicines to the affected individuals. Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh, a Governing Board Member of Serve Samman and a Homoepathic Specialist and Psychologist by profession, went personally to render her services to the victims in Srinagar.  


Even though a lot of work has been done and is currently ongoing, still a lot needs to be done in the flood affected areas. Hence, we urge you to join hands with us in our RELIEF WORK! 

Urgent requirements:-

  • a) Material:- Large quantities of good quality blankets, woolens, tarpaulin, basic medicines, utensils, peanuts, milk powder, good quality solar torches, buckets, torch and batteries, umbrellas, water purifier tablets, crutches, candles, rope. .
  • b) Monetary contributions:- for logistics and essential purchases. (All monetary contributions are tax exempted u/s 80G)

For further details or to make a contribution CONTACT US



Post the Nepal Disaster a team of Doctors from Serve Samman in collaboration with Bareily Mission Hospital set up a medical and relief camp in  DHULIKHEL, KAMAL DHANDA and SINDUPAL CHOWK all villages in the remote areas of Nepal, at about 3 hours from Katmandu, where no relief had reached till now.  

8 of our Team Members took 900 kgs of medicines and relief material for the victims in Nepal, out of which 500 kgs was sent through air cargo a day before the team left and 400 kgs was carried personally by the 8 team members. Further around 300 kgs of material (which included rice, tin sheets, water etc) was brought from Katmandu, Nepal.




Our team of doctors consisted of Orthopedics, General Physicians and Psychologists. Apart from opening mobile dispensaries and hospitals our team actively distributed relevant medication to all the people of the villages.

80% of the relief material which included dry food, cholrine tablets, sanitary napkins, blankets etc was pre-purchased from Delhi and taken, and the remaining 20% was brought from Katmandu itself, depending on the immediacy of the requirement.


Our Team Members Stationed in Nepal, not only helped the villagers cure their wounds and feed their stomachs, but also helped them rebuild their homes. Though most of them were doctors, they did a phenomenal job in helping the villagers resettle, and bought sheets for 172 houses, that is helped resurrect almost 3 complete villages where no relief had reached even after 10 days of the Earthquake.


After successful completion of Phase I, Serve Samman with immense support from C & S ELECTRICAL LTD., went once again to Nepal to build bore wells and water pipelines in a village named Archale Village, where there was absolutely no water supply. Thus, moving forward from Relief Work Serve Samman took a step forward towards the Resurrection of the village.


Serve Samman began its journey of Phase II in Nepal, by constructing borewells at various different locations.


Along with the borewells, water pipelines were installed at various points across the village to ensure proper water supply near all areas.



Serve Samman along with C & S Electrical Limited, repaired the only Primary School of the Village and got the school re-opened for the children in the village. Along with opening the school, they also distributed water bottles, tiffin boxes, biscuits and juices.




Mr. Dipak Khanna (Founder Serve Samman) along with Serve Samman’s Resident Representative of Nepal at the Resurrection Camp, Nepal distributing various dry food items to all the children of the village.







Water Purifiers installed at the School during the re-opening of the school at ARCHALE VILLAGE, NEPAL, as well as at two other locations in the village to ensure clean and hygienic water supply for all.


Support us !

We are engaged in making a difference in people around us. We would like to help the needy at our capacity. Your help in support the cause make us to reach more. You can support us by Donation or spreading the word or by volunteering.

We have put our hands together to meet the financial needs of organization's activities. In this regard, we are looking forward for your financial contribution for our Activities.

When you make a donation, you give us the strength to continue our work and reach out to many more needy fellow humans. 

Please deposit all your donations for the charity activities in our account mentioned below:

Account Name:  SERVE SAMMAN
Account No:  002905013503 
MICR: 110229004
IFSC: ICIC0000029 

Account Name: SERVE SAMMAN
FCRA Account No: 002905014186
MICR: 110229004
IFSC: ICIC0000029

Please send a mail to, after each of your deposit in our account


Please forward all your donations in the form of DD in the name of organization, Serve Samman, to the following address:

Serve Samman
M-65, Greater Kailash, Part-1
New Delhi – 110048, India

We request you to fill in your personal details. It will enable us to process your contribution(s) and send across a receipt. 

All donations to Serve Samman qualify for Section 80 G exemptions under the Indian Income Tax Act. 

For any clarifications on Donations, Income Tax exemption under 80G and any other finance related issues, please free to contact our Trustee  at,  and / or
Mobile : 91-9310286664



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