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English Literacy

English is the business language of the world. It is through this common language that people from different parts of the world are connecting with each other. Be it globalization or advancements in technology or medical fields in different parts of the world, all would have been a waste without one common language.


Knowing English in today’s world has become a dire necessity if one wants to excel professionally. Today English in India is a symbol of people’s aspiration for quality in education and a fuller participation at national and international level.


However no matter how popular English may have become world over it still is an alien language  in a lot of parts in India. The Main hurdle for the rural youth to connect with the mainstream is their lack of knowledge in English language.


Inorder to overcome this hurdle, We have set up English Learning Centres to help them learn it more easily and effectively. The joy of English knowing girl or boy, who hitherto knew only Hindi, becomes the pride of the family and inspires fellow youths.


We educate the participants joining our vocational centers with basic English learning and speaking. This includes writing their name/signature, reading alphabets & numbers and knowing basic conversational english.



Apart from building their self-confidence this learning also helps in getting them ready to meet the challenges as they prepare to visit cities for job interviews and enhancing their career opportunities..


Serve Samman is very proud to have opened its first LITERACY CENTRE FOR UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN in Delhi, catering mainly to primary and junior school kids. We have adopted children, who have never attended formal schooling. Our aim is to provide these children quality education, inorder to help them develop holistically.

Apart from teaching primary and junior school kids main school work, we are also proving tuition support to students who are already attending mainstream school and have no support at home. The age group of students coming to our literacy centre is 6-15.


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Need ....

As per the Census of India, the working age group to constitute up to 64% of India’s population by 2021. This increase is likely to be in the age group of 20-35 years, enabling India to have the youngest working population. On the other hand, much of the youth in India are denied or have limited access to vocational opportunities leaving their potential untapped.


Serve Samman, took up the initiative to help youth enhance their potential by opening vocational centres for computer repair, mobile repair and TV repair so that within a short training they can earn by themselves. Recently, on 19th September, 2013 we even opened a Serve Samman – Udayan Care Information Technology & Vocational Training Centre at Dadri in collaboration with Udayan Care – an NGO working for the past 19 years to bring sunshine into the lives of vulnerable children, women and youth by empowering them through its various unique models.


At this centre adolescents and women from the communities are given technological and vocational training to make them job ready. The centre offer Certificate courses in basic computer knowledge as well as Diploma and Advanced courses in Computer Application and courses in stitching and beauty therapy. Spoken English and life skills training are also a part of the curriculum.


Expected Outcome:

With training, the youth from our Serve Samman – Udayan Care Information Technology & Vocational Training Centre can get better job opportunities which will in-turn increase their family income. Hence, improving their standard of living of their families to a great extent.


Unique Features of Serve Samman – Information Technology & Vocational Training Centre:

  1. Central location for easy access by youth
  2. Job Readiness through spoken English classes and Soft Skill Training
  3. Subsidised Courses and Freeships for needy students
  4. Counselling and Placement Assistance