Dear Friends
First and foremost my apologies for the delay in printing of this Newsletter.


Although there were several reasons for this delay, the main reason was the pandemic, since we had no option but to focus our attention on the need of the hour i.e., to reach out and help the needy get their basic requirement of food.

The unprecedented occurrence of this pandemic resulted in a lot of brainstorming on our end. We had to prepare out team to go out into the front line and make sure the execution was perfect since we couldn’t risk our teams safety or health.

As the saying goes, better late than never, so here we are.

The Serve Samman team has been working relentlessly towards uplifting humanity especially women and children, and health issues are prioritized

Once again this year, Children were provided with a platform to learn as well as have fun while celebrating special events.


Online course in all streams have been organized to enable the students to catch up to the speed of today’s technology driven world.

In an attempt to empower women and help them become self sufficient, platforms for learning skills like stitching, beautician and grooming were taught.

Serve Samman was quick to act during this pandemic by helping the daily wage workers with their basic needs .

Here is a brief synopsis of some of the events of 2020 so far.

January 23rd – 23 bicycles were distributed amongst talented children at Sohna resort Gurgaon. These children were selected on the bases of their merit. Since some bright students couldn’t pursue their education because of the school being far away, providing them with bicycles ensured and encouraged them to pursue/continue their education and have a good career in the future.  
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On January 25th – Republic day was celebrated with much enthusiasm. Students received Bicycles. Their parents were also present for the ceremony and were delighted to see their children progressing and working hard to achieve their dreams.

Being provided with Bicycles reinforced their motivation to study which will eventually and surely result in them securing good jobs
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April, May, June, and July - Due to the pandemic the major focus has been on to helping the daily wage workers by providing them with free rations and food.

This was an arduous task as we were in lockdown and also had to bear in mind the safety of our frontline workers while they were helping the daily wagers, who had lost jobs and did not have enough to eat.
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February 4th – International Inner wheel helped us in creating games like lemon race, Skipping, relay race and so on for the students, once again bringing a smile to their little faces. The even took place in the Sports Complex at Jasola and student from many schools participated.  
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March 1st – Tricycles, Clutches, Artificial Limbs as per individual requirement were distributed amongst handicapped so aid their journey of becoming self sufficient. This was done with the help of Bharat Vikas Parishad, G.K. Branch.

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We have successfully distributed 4,812 Dry Rations, 57,010 Food Packets 16,480 Biscuits 17,616 Toilet Kits, Bislery Water, Chappals, MASKS and SANITIZERS, Tang & Chocolates till now, all across Delhi-NCR.

We are grateful of C&S Electric Limited, Imperial Auto Industries, SAFA and International Food Bank since we could not have done what we have without their help.

Thank yous & kind regards,
DIPAK KHANNA (Managing Trustee )

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